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NetworkRPCController Class

Network RPCs method
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  RPC.Controllers
Assembly:  RPC (in RPC.dll) Version: 1.1.16
public class NetworkRPCController : FeatureController

The NetworkRPCController type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddNode
Attempts to add or remove a node from the addnode list. Or try a connection to a node once.
Public methodClearBanned
Clear all banned IPs.
Public methodDisconnectNode
Immediately disconnects from the specified peer node. Strictly one out of 'address' and 'nodeid' can be provided to identify the node. To disconnect by nodeid, either set 'address' to the empty string, or call using the named 'nodeid' argument only.
Public methodGetConnectionCount
Returns the number of connections to other nodes.
Public methodGetNetTotals
Returns information about network traffic, including bytes in, bytes out, and current time.
Public methodGetNodeInfo
Returns information about the given added node, or all added nodes (note that onetry addnodes are not listed here)
Public methodGetPeerInfo
Returns data about each connected network node as a json array of objects.
Public methodListBanned
List all banned IPs/Subnets.
Public methodSetBan
Attempts to add or remove an IP:port from the banned list.
Public methodSetNetworkActive
Disable/enable all p2p network activity.
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